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Kvistbro Träverkstad
Kvistbro Banvaktstuga
716 93 Fjugesta
+46(0)70-212 32 01

Welcome to Kvistbro Träverkstad!

Kvistbro Träverkstad specializes in renovation of windows – everything from puttying and painting to repairing damaged wood!

With the right materials and methods I will renovate your windows so that they keep their original character. You can choose between a partial or a complete renovation depending on how much work you wish to do yourself.

Household owners living in Sweden can use the ROT-avdrag (ROT-subsidy) for window renovations and other carpentry work in the home.

I can undertake orders for other carpentry work, such as furniture, interior fittings and utensils.

Article in the local newspaper Nerikes Allehanda about Kvistbro träverkstad (in swedish)
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